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Q: Do you ship oil to XX ( country) ? 

A: Sure , wherever your address exists . 


Q: Could you ship bulk oil safe? 

A: Yes , it is even easier to ship bulk oil safe. 


Q: What is parcel seized ? 

A: We always got back up plan for clients . Reshipment would be offered once parcel seized .  


Q: Could you do special blend for us ? 

A: Sure thing, please feel free to let us know if what you need not listed on this site .  


Q: How many days it would take to receive parcel ? 

A: Usually you would receive parcel within 6 days no matter how much you ordered .  


Q: Do you accept Bitcoin for order ? 

A: Yes, Bitcoin is good for us . We could also offer off-shore bank accounts for your safety and convenience .  


Q: How could i place order ? 

A: Please contact our through site or write to owner@bulkoilshop.com , payment options would be offered .  


* Please feel free to contact us for more details if what you want to know not listed above . Bulkoilshop team online 24/7.